Why Mage.coach?

Mage.coach started as a hobby project some time back. It all relates to the passion about speedy websites. Magento Performance became important early on. So we wanted to create a build a tool witch help on a daily basis and can guide you while fixing your Magento website.

What's the deal with the Penguin and Iceberg?

Our mascout the Penguin is the icon of the open source project called Linux, and a strong foundation we believe in. And it just looks friendly! The iceberg is more like a metaphor, it stands for the 80/20 rule. Regarding Magento performance: 80 Procent is related to the Magento frontend, while 20 procent is server related. So Magento Frontend Performance optimization is an important job! Run, Analyze and Fix.

What happens when you test my site?

The online version of run.mage.coach will test a page against web performance best practice rules and fetch timing metrics using the Navigation Timing API (one time per run). That is cool and if you want to be a real performance hero, you could test your whole site.

What are the different connection types?

  • Mobile3g (1.6 Mbps/768 Kbps - 300 RTT)
  • Mobile3g fast (1.6 Mbps/768 Kbps - 150 RTT)
  • Mobile3g slow (780 Kbps/330 Kbps - 200 RTT)
  • Mobile3g gem (400 Kbps/400 Kbps - 300 RTT)
  • Mobile2g (0.35 Mbps/328 Kbps - 28 RTT)
  • Cable (5 Mbps/1 Mbps - 28 RTT)
  • Native (the current unthrottled connection)