About Us

Mage.coach is an highly configurable web performance tool that helps you analyze your Magento website’s speed and performance based on performance best practices and timing metrics.

Mage.coach is an idea created by Ray Bogman, who has been active in the Magento Community since 2008, and Ronald Bethlehem. This project is build on top of Sitespeed.io, an Open Source performance metric tool created by Peter Hedenskog.

We are a two member team that works on mage.coach in our free time. New contributors and team members are very welcome!

Ray Bogman

Ray Bogman is an IT professional and Magento evangelist from the Netherlands. He started working with computers in 1983 as a hobby at first. In the past, he has worked for KPN, a large Dutch Telecom company, as a senior security officer.

Over the last years he co-founded many businesses as a CTO (Jira ICT, Yireo, Wild Hibiscus, Rapido and SupportDesk.) As a trainer/consultant he has trained over 1,000 Magento experts worldwide since 2008.

At Magento events such as Magento Developers Paradise, Meet Magento, Magento Live, and Magento Imagine, he has been a regular speaker since 2009. He has participated in reviewing Mastering Magento (2012), Mastering Magento Theme Design (2014), Magento Administration Guide (2014), Learning Magento Theme Development (2014), and the video, Mastering Magento (2013), all by Packt Publishing.

In 2016 his first Magento book got published, Magento 2 Cookbook. By the end of 2016 he created a new Magento Performance Open Source project called: Mage.coach.

Currently he is working for Magento as a Business Solutions Architect in the EMEA region.

Ronald Bethlehem